Yasmine . . Was active in the domain of singing & she starts her professional career with her hit Album ‘Shakalk Hatw7ashny’ with Rotana and she shoot 2 songs from this album the first is “Shakalk Hatw7ashny” & the 2nd “2alel El-7elah”. What makes Yasmine different is the talent she has and her amazing charisma and her amazing voice.Full Name: Yasmine Ahmed Niazy.

• Birth Date: 12/10.
• Star Sign: Libra.
• Her Brother: Ra’oof.
• Fav. Actor: Roshdi Abaza.
• Fav. Actress: Layla ‘Elwi and Hala Sed’ei.
• Fav. Perfume: Miss Cherie Dior.
• Hoppies: Driving.
• About Me: I Studied at Higher Institute of Dramatic Art

, And now I take a computer science course.

First album : Shaklak Hatw7shny

Second album : Hobk 3aml Sytra

Official Website : http://www.YasmineNiazy.Com/

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Yasmine Niazy Business Manger : 01118283977

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public RelationShips & InterNet MangeMent : Adel Younes